Welcome to the Bliss and Struggle blog series. You’ve made it through the Introduction and it’s finally time for some meatier content!

I keep repeating that the aim of this blog is to find a better path for a human future (one that doesn’t involve self-destruction). Now, it is easy to say that the way the world works is not good, and then throw in suggestions for change, but doing so is absolutely irresponsible (and if you have read the Introduction series, now you know why).

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One measure to measure them all

What we need instead is to question every assumption, and the first and most important one is the very same premise on which this blog is built, that we need to change. Do we really need the world to change?

Now, in order to figure that out, we need three things:

  1. To figure out a system / measure of what we would like things to be, not just as individuals, but as humans. But we need to be very careful when doing that, because we cannot impose our cultural conditioning on the rest of humanity. For this measure to be truly effective to argue for or against change, we need it to be as universal (-ly human) as possible, and as intrinsically humanly meaningful as possible.
  2. Then we need to test whether this measure, or goal, or whatever it is that we end up choosing, is actually possible. It doesn’t mean that it needs to be easy, just humanly possible. Because if it isn’t then we need to use something else.
  3. And then (and only then) we can analyze how our world performs in regards to such a measure, and if it’s doing poorly, then voila! Reason to change!

The aim of this second series of posts is to identify that measure and start to validate its usefulness for the task on hand. We won’t yet achieve final answers but we will set the ground for final validation in successive post series.

Table of Contents

This series comprises the following posts (I recommend that you read them in order):

  1. A Life purpose driven
  2. In Death we trust
  3. Living Life to the fullest
  4. Bliss – a definition
  5. A life of bliss
  6. PETE: an everyday struggle
  7. When Life sucks – a Symptom
  8. The Struggle is real (Seriously)

Are you ready?

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