Terms of Use


This is a personal blog. All opinions expressed here are my own and not those of anyone else. I’m responsible for the content – not my mother, not my kids, not my wife, not my dog (if I had one), not anyone else including any employer I might have or any other group, organization, agency or entity that I may be associated with at the time that you are reading this. It is true, though, that all of the above are partly responsible for making me who I am (and so is the Spanish educational system, Hollywood, Netflix, the Internet and probably every person I’ve ever met). As a result, it’s kind of impractical to assign blame to others for my ideas and words; so don’t do it, OK?

Who the fuck are you and why should I read your ramblings?

Great question. So great indeed that it deserves it’s own post. Just to recap: I write this blog to share my ideas in a hopefully entertaining and informative way. Whatever I think, write or say should NOT be perceived as professional advice in regards to how you should live your life, in particular in regards to your personal health or finances (but neither in any other field). On that note, if you are looking for a guru to give you the perfect recipe for a happy life, please refer to this post. If you find my ideas compelling or you use the information I provide, you agree to do so at your own risk. We are all grown-ups here1 and we should all act accordingly.

Can your opinions change?

What the fuck? Changing my opinion? Is that even possible? I know, I know… these days it seems that there’s nothing more important than the blind adhesion to our opinions in spite of any evidence to the contrary. As if our very essence relied on the stubbornness of our belief. Well, I’m not like that. So although it’s quite unlikely that I’ll completely change my point of view on a given subject matter2, it’s something that could happen and you should accept it and deal with it. I have the right to change my mind, and if that makes you angry… Well, then you probably have deeper issues and I’d recommend seeking professional help.

What about your accuracy and (god-forbid!) mistakes?

Unlike other god-like bloggers, I am a mere lowly human and thus I’m prone to making mistakes. As a result, my posts may contain errors or might be missing some key information. I know, that sucks, also for me, but that’s just the way it is. As such, the information in this blog is provided “as is” with no warranties, and confers no rights. I’ll do my best to make sure all the information, including links, are accurate at the time of posting but there’s no guarantee that whatever I write today will still be valid or accurate in the future. Again, deal with it.

What if I’m offended by what you write?

I’m going to be writing about things that matter, a lot – things that people have been killing each other about for thousands of years. Consequently, what I write is going to bother some people (probably a lot of people). But I don’t plan on self-censuring myself because a) this is my blog and b) I’m not forcing anyone to read it, so if you are happy living within the limits of your cosmovision and don’t want anyone to challenge that which you consider to be true, then just don’t read my posts.

That being said, I’ll try my very best not to knowingly injure, defame, or libel anyone (pinky swear!). But don’t get me wrong! If I think you suck I’ll say it; I’ll just make sure to highlight that any such assessment is not necessarily a fact, but just my modest personal opinion.

Another potential source of pissed off readers is content, grammar, slang or punctuation that translates or is interpreted into something bad in your country or culture. If that’s the case, I’m sorry about it, it was not my intention and once again, deal with it. It’s Hanlon’s razor 1.0: “Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity.” And as such, I will not be held responsible for it.

And finally… swearing. I’m gonna swear. I mean, the name of the blog should be quite self-explanatory on this aspect, but if you still read and feel horrified about the inappropriateness of my language…

Fucking deal with it!!!

Now, if despite all the above you’re still bound and determined to find insult where none was intended feel free to close the window and never return, but please do so knowing that I’ll miss you.

Fair use:

I’m going to be writing a lot, and within that large amount of (almost comprehensible) words, there’s bound to be references to ideas, topics and terms that other people have talked, written and published about before. In particular, I’m going to use quotes, but not your typical celebrity bullshit quotes (UGH!) – I’ll be using movie quotes. So to ensure a smooth and comprehensive “ass-covering” let me emphasize that any use, cite or mention of content created by any another author (dead or alive) is done on a “fair use” basis.

What if I’m offended by a comment on one of your posts?

If this blog ends up reaching an audience, there ought to be user comments, which will enrich the content and engage both me and the readers in a (hopefully) fruitful dialog. Some of you will agree with me, many others not, and hopefully from our interaction we can all grow more knowledgeable. That being said, this is the Internet and there is a chance that some comments might be offensive or contain an opinion that you find offensive. I will do my best to ensure a healthy atmosphere in the comments section, but I will not be held responsible for what others think and/or write.

Why did you delete my post comment?

I hereby grant myself total and absolute power to do whatever the fuck I want with my blog, including deleting any comment, for whatever reason, no matter how silly or absurd that reason might be. As a rule of thumb, if your comment is abusive, profane, rude beyond what is normally expected of this blog or contains spam… there’s a good chance it’s not gonna last. If I deleted your comment, I’m sorry for your loss but again: deal with it.

Are you endorsing any products?

What sort of question is that? I mean, have you even read my blog? This blog is not about reviewing magical treatments for your skin, describing fool-proof methods to generate passive income or listing the top 10 hosting providers (number 3 will blow your mind). NO! So if by chance I happen to mention a product or a brand in any of my posts, please do not take that in any way as a signal to run to the nearest supermarket and buy the shit out of that product.

Are you making money out of this?

As of the moment of me writing this, no. In the future, I’m hoping to be able to set up a donations section and a Patreon to support the project and specially to launch a Podcast. If I dream big I would love to transform this project in some sort of Cooperative, but it’s way too early to think about that. Anyway, what I can tell you is that: I will not run ads (UGH!), I will not write posts just to include affiliate links (UGH UGH!) and I will not use the Subscriber list to sell stuff or make a quick buck (UGH UGH UGH!).

I found a link to your blog from a dodgy site, what’s up?

I can’t control who links to this blog. I mean, you know how the Internet works, right? If you own a page and put a link to my blog there, there’s absolutely nothing I can do about it (and in fact, in most cases, I would be happy and thankful about it). If you see a not-so-reputable site linking to my blog, I can only tell you that I’m more hurt than you and that ces’t la vie. Oh and in case it’s not blatantly obvious, I’m not willing to trade my everlasting soul for some quick readership boost, so I’m not submitting my blog to “link farms” or dodgy directories. If you find me there… IT WASN’T ME.

What about Copyright?

Oh copyright, my old friend. This blog is a direct by-product of my brain and consequence of my tireless typing and as such, it belongs to ME (MWAHAHA!). Now, that doesn’t mean that I own specific terminology, ideas or names. Let’s face it, any idea, no matter how novel, is the direct result of all the zillion ideas that came before; so claiming ownership is not only absurd, it’s an insult to human intelligence. So if you like what I write and want to develop further on your own, feel free to do so (a mention or even better a link would be a sign of your excellent manners).

Now, a completely different matter is using my content as/is: As a general rule, if you like one of my posts, feel free to share it and/or link to it. If you want to include part of my post in a post of your own, then you must not use more than 25% of the original and you must include a link to my original post and the corresponding credit. If you want to use more than the aforementioned 25% then please check with me for permission. Thank you for respecting the time and effort that it takes to create this sort of content, and for respecting my intellectual property.

Anything else?

Sure! I reserve the right to change anything and everything related to this blog at any given time and under any circumstance. I reserve the right not to change it. I also reserve the right to eventually not reserve some rights if I decide so. But I’m not not-reserving yet, so for the time being I’m reserving all the rights universally and to the infinite and beyond, even after death do us part (for all of eternity or for as long as it can legally be granted – whichever works). Oh man, I should have been a fucking lawyer!